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The Expectations Investing approach seeks to blend Wall Street reality with leading-edge theory to help investors, analysts, and managers understand and outperform the market.

The Expectations Investing web site serves to introduce as well as supplement the Expectations Investing book.

An introduction to the ideas of expectations investing can be found here:

  • About Expectations Investing offers ten expectations investing rules to increase your odds of generating superior returns.
  • Why It Works presents a chart summarizing the critical differences between the standard investment approach and expectations investing.
  • Frequently Asked Questions anticipates the six questions you are most likely to ask.

An introduction to Expectations Investing can be found here:

  • Chapter Previews offer a chapter-by-chapter preview of the book, with excerpts, a list of major questions covered, and each chapterís Essential Ideas.
  • Endorsements highlights the critical praise for Expectations Investing.
  • About the Authors details the experience that gives authors Al Rappaport and Michael J. Mauboussin a unique perspective on investing.
  • Interview with the Authors presents a wide-spanning interview in which the authors discuss Expectations Investing.

Readers wishing to supplement the book may be most interested in the following sections of the web site:

  • Online Tutorial Introduction introduces a series of 11 comprehensive tutorial sessions that walk through how to apply the powerful analytical tools presented in the book.
  • Online Tutorial Menu offers a clickable menu with links to the 11 tutorial sessions.
  • Additional Chapters offers three chapters that were not included in the final version of Expectations Investing.
  • Online Footnotes offers clickable links to books and articles mentioned in Expectations Investingís footnotes that can be viewed, downloaded, or purchased online.
  • Recommended Readings highlights books you might find useful as you read different parts of Expectations Investing.

The web site also offers the following:

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